Our mission:
What do we do for the world we live in? We unite people and help them to move forward. We take care of adults and children. We create and release products that save people’s time and energy so that they can realise their most ambitious ideas and have a happier and brighter life.
Our vision:
Who are we now and how do we see our future? We are a company that maintains a culture of agreement and freedom, and we will stay true to these values. We strive to become a platform for the limitless creative, productive and intellectual self-realisation of people who share our mission and values.
Our values:
What do we value in ourselves and others? We are all different, but there is something that unites us: that is our values, the qualities that we value in us and people surrounding us.
  • We are optimists and enthusiastically open to changes. Optimism gives each of us and our company the energy to grow and evolve. Optimism gives us confidence in the future and makes us believe in ourselves; that is why we are able to gain leading positions in high-risk spheres. We can see the bright side of our lives and take inspiration from it to realise new ideas.
  • We believe in people. We are sure that the possibilities of any individual are limitless. We are strongly convinced that each person has the ability and will to be ambitious, conscientious and creative.
  • We are proactive. We are not a passive audience; we are the creators with an active attitude. We understand proactivity as a steady balance of involvement and responsibility. Every day our empathy and engagement guide our creative energy towards the realisation of our mission.
Unlimited Approach:
How do we achieve our goal? We are convinced that the road to the goal is as important as the goal itself. Moving forward we change ourselves and the world for the better, constantly finding and creating new possibilities for these changes.
  • Our products let our customers save time and effort for what is really important in their life, that is self-realisation, health, family, wellbeing or just a good mood.
  • Our employees have more opportunities to realise their potential at work with new ideas and brands and to have a good income.
  • Our cooperation with partners gives them more possibilities of getting high-quality service and expanding their businesses.
  • By creating new opportunities for others, our company also receives opportunities for the development, thus demonstrating the win-win principle.
Unlimited — more opportunities — this is the main idea of our corporate culture.
Culture of agreement:
How do we cooperate and make decisions? The corporate culture is our genetic code: it replicates itself over and over with every decision and step made inside and outside the company premises.
    We are thoughtfully building up a culture of agreement at UPECO. The culture of agreement unites people into one creative team with each person retaining their individuality and gaining an increased potential. This is a culture of dialogue and discussions, collective decisions, creativity and brainstorming, and consensus.
  • We admit and value individual traits and see in them, first of all, new opportunities.
  • We aim at the overall result, and we unite in order to achieve it and support each other along the way.
  • We seek solutions, but not excuses, and we push the boundaries in terms of functions, management levels, and duties in order to achieve the overall result.
  • We listen and strive to be listened to.
  • We have the ability and will to reach consensus with each other.
  • We behave openly and fairly with each other.
  • We encourage initiative and recognize the right to err and to openly stand one’s ground.
  • We clearly understand that the freedom to make decisions goes hand in hand with responsibility.
We are moving forward together as a team of like-minded professionals. The idea of community is so important to us that we have put it into the company’s name — United People Community.