• “The world responds to you the way you look at it, and I look at it from the perspective of the opportunities it gives me”
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    Svetlana Ryakhovskaya
    Head of Personnel Recruitment and Adaptation Group
  • “Working in sales keeps me on my toes, makes me always keep my ear to the ground. When everything is simple and easy, I lose any interest and get bored”
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    Roman Remizov
    Head of Sales Department E-commerce
  • «Our success is based on synergy, complementing each other's strengths and competencies, and values help maintain a balance between business goals and maintaining the atmosphere of a community of people»
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    Elena Balashova
    Head of Sales Support Department
  • «There are many people in our company whom I sincerely admire and respect immensely. I have made real friends here»
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    Nelly Britvina
    Head of Key Local Networks Department
Achievements of our employees form the basis of success of our company. It’s people who come up with ideas and then willingly and enthusiastically bring them to life. We look for those who are able to achieve such results, and help them to find us. In our community, we would like to see committed, talented, responsible professionals who are always ready to move forward and who share our Mission.
The spirit at UPECO makes working here a fulfilling and interesting process. Our employees gain stability, opportunities for self-fulfillment and the ability to solve interesting tasks independently.
Our Team
Different people work at UPECO, but they have certain qualities that unite them and lead them to success. These qualities define the chemistry between the person and the company that makes their cooperation long and effective. These qualities are presented in our model of corporate competences called DRIVE, which is an acronym for:
  • Development —
    a desire for constant professional and personal growth.
  • Results —
    an ability to set and achieve objectives, and be responsible for the result.
  • Innovation —
    an ability to bring new ideas to processes, products and company activities..
  • Value of Teamwork —
    an ability to actively and effectively participate in team work, thus contributing to the final result.
  • Engagement —
    an emotional connection with the company.
Success through growth
An important factor of UPECO’s success is the constant growth of every person working at our company.
For this purpose we have built up our own training and development system called STEP UP that includes four courses:
  • U*START — a course for all new employees at UPECO. It is a presentation of the company, its culture, brands and products, and also, it helps staff members to settle into a new job and get acquainted with colleagues.
  • U*TECH — a course for the development of professional competency for employees of the marketing and sales departments. For other departments, we tailor professional development programmes in view of the relevant needs.
  • U*EXECUTIVE — a course for the development and brushing up of management skills of company executives. The part of the course dedicated to human resources management is mandatory for all executives at UPECO. We also use a wide range of tools to facilitate growth of high-potential executives, for example, coaching or business simulations.
  • U*PEOPLE — a course for the development of personal skills required for effective performance, in particular, time management and effective communication skills.
UPECO does not rely solely on the STEP UP system: the company’s views on personal growth are flexible, and therefore training is informal from start to finish. We believe that all our employees strive for growth, and so we are willing to use every opportunity for development and are open to any sound suggestions and initiatives.
There is an ever-expanding library at the company’s office in Moscow, where you can find books, audio and video courses, results of analytical studies and other materials that may be useful for personal development.
A team of like-minded people tends to develop different traditions with time. We value personal communication, aspire to create an inspiring work environment, and celebrate festive dates together — in a lively, joyful and non-trivial way. This helps us to get to know each other better, find mutual interests and more common points in life outside the workplace.
Working with us
The job ladders at UPECO have a few steps but there are almost endless opportunities for personal growth and professional development. If you share our values, our mission and have the competence and skills that we are looking for, we welcome you to our company!
What we offer
We aspire to understand our employees, respond to their needs and give them what they need most. For this purpose we regularly conduct engagement and job satisfaction surveys in order to create an environment that makes working here a fulfilling and interesting process. Our employees gain not only stability and opportunities for self-fulfillment, but also:
  • Opportunity for fulfilling the potential and earning a decent income. UPECO is a successful Russian company that has been dynamically developing since 1995. We offer a competitive salary and a system of bonus awards for effective performance. Our employment benefits include voluntary health insurance, medical consultation at the office, corporate transport, additional corporate days-off, sick leave paid in full, and one-time payments on special occasions.
  • Interesting work to take pride in. Working in a team of like-minded specialists, our employees solve interesting and non-trivial professional tasks and create innovative products and launch them in new markets. It enables them to constantly improve, grow and fulfill their potential to the fullest.
  • Physical and mental comfort. We maintain a friendly spirit of equality and trust and encourage functional relationships among our employees, irrespective of their position and line of work in the company. Our office is located in a modern business park in the centre of Moscow and is equipped with everything that is required for enjoyable and effective work.
Your way to UPECO
When contacting candidates, first of all, we want to make sure that we are compatible. For this purpose we:
  • thoroughly examine the CV/profile, analyzing your experience, proficiency and background;
  • organise an interview with an HR department specialist to assess your corporate competency and get you acquainted with the company and your potential job;
  • organise an interview with your potential line manager to assess your professional skills and provide you with more comprehensive information about your potential job duties and functions;
  • organize the final step, which is an interview with the head of the department; afterwards we make our final decision.
Depending on the level and complexity of the position we may ask you to perform additional tasks, for example, to execute a project task, solve a case, or do independent assessment in the assessment centre.
FAQ for job applicants
How do I find out about current vacancies and submit my CV?
The list of our current vacancies may be found at our partner’s HeadHunter web site. Just click on the «Respond» button and your CV will be submitted to our HR managers. Even if there are no current vacancies at UPECO that you are interested in, you may send us your CV — we will review it and put you on the list of possible candidates.
When and how do I get feedback on my CV?
It takes us 2-5 working days to review your CV and make a decision (the exact period depends on the level and complexity of the job). However, you can always get in touch with the HR department at UPECO to find out if your CV has undergone review.
How long is the interview?
The interview usually takes about an hour, but there are no strict timeframes.
When do I get feedback after the interview at the company?
Our HR manager will give you all the necessary information during the interview. Usually it takes up to one week to make a decision.
Will I get any feedback in case of a negative decision?
Yes, we will give you feedback in any case.
If I haven’t been selected for a particular vacancy, may I compete for another?
Certainly. Different positions and projects at the company require different professional skills. If you have not fulfilled some criteria for one position, we may consider you as a possible candidate for another project.
How long does the recruitment process take? Who will be interviewing me?
We are very careful in the selection and assessment of candidates, therefore the recruitment process consists of several stages (usually from 2 to 5 depending on the complexity of the position and job duties). For more details see Section «Your way to UPECO».
Can I go through several selection stages in a day?
Yes. It is possible. We try to combine interview stages to minimize the number of our candidate’s visits to the office and to facilitate the decision making process.
Who is an ideal candidate?
The UPECO team unites open-minded, independent and responsible people who strive to grow, have the main competencies the company requires and share our values.
Which cities may candidates come from?
We welcome candidates from different regions of Russia, and from countries where we have our representative offices.
I do not have any professional experience. Do I have a chance to get a job at your company?
We are looking for people with different levels of experience. Young specialists are eligible for selection to entry-level positions with a possibility of further growth and development within the company.
May I apply for the position of a brand manager or junior brand manager at your company if I do not speak English?
In order to develop and launch products, UPECO maintains international cooperation and uses the global language of communication, therefore it is very important for employees involved in marketing to speak English. However, it is not an obligatory requirement, so feel free to send us your CV.
I am interested in international business. Which advantages will I get working at your company?
UPECO is a Russian company with a western outlook on business practices. Working at our company is a much more interesting process than in any typical international enterprise. Our employees set and solve strategic tasks on their own, instead of locally implementing the strategy developed at the head office. Moreover, we work in a global environment so that our employees have real opportunities to gain global experience. Our employees regularly participate in international expos and conferences, and visit foreign manufacturing sites.
What training and development opportunities does your company provide?
We strive to provide as wide a range of opportunities as possible for professional and personal growth. We organise internal and external training programmes. For more details, see Section «Success through growth».
What career opportunities does your company have?
Unlimited possibilities — this is the key principle of our company culture. The «More opportunities» principle applies in full to both professional and career development: we give you as many opportunities as possible, and the rest depends on your potential and enthusiasm. For more information, see Section «Success through growth».
How does the management system work at your company?
We cultivate most innovative management approaches; build transparent relationships between the company management and employees, which are based on mutual interest and consistency of objectives.
How is the salary calculated?
The salary at UPECO consists of two parts: fixed and variable. We carry out surveys and keep an eye on market trends and practices at other companies so that the income level at our company corresponds to the market wage rates. The amount of money you earn depends on the employee’s position level, professional skills and type of activity.
Does your company have employment benefits? What do they include?
We do care about our employees and strive to do everything for their comfort and safety. For more details on the employment benefits see Section «What we offer».
I have additional questions. How can I ask them?
You may call us at UPECO and ask to speak with an HR specialist. We would be glad to consult you and answer all your questions.